The mystery origins of "Crossfire Hurricane." @LeeSMithDC @TheFederalist

May 26, 03:21 AM


(Photo:Deutsch: Logo des Films Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Date 1986

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Author Silver Pictures, Lawrence Gordon Productions und 20th Century Fox )

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The mystery origins of "Crossfire Hurricane." @LeeSMithDC @TheFederalist

Born in a crossfire hurricane

no-skyline9 July 2007

In my humble opinion at 5.3 this movie is horribly underrated it's a fun, colourful, exciting hour and a half of a movie. Whoopi Goldberg plays the quirky and livewire Terri Doolitle a low level bank employee who gets involved in a dangerous spy game involving the CIA, British Secret Service and the KGB (made in the 80's the cold war was still in full swing).

Contacted via her computer (the computer geeks out there will love seeing this earlier version of the internet) by a secret agent codename 'Jumping Jack Flash' (Jonathan Pryce) Terri must use her street smarts and attitude to save the day against rogue agents, KGB the police and while not being fired from her own job.

The only drawback to this movie is it is quite profane those adverse to the occasional swear word should probably steer clear. It's similar in the level of language used to Beverley Hills Cop, so probably not one for the small kids. But fun for everyone else.

7/10 - Good honest fun probably Whoopi Goldbergs funniest movie and certainly no Sister Act thank god!!!