The Connected Experience-American Dope w/ Al Profit

May 29, 2018, 04:00 AM

American Dope with Al Profit

On this episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we sit down for a conversation with a friend of ours, famed video director Al Profit (@alprofit). Join us as we discuss everything from Al directing our first video when we use to rap, to all of the great documentaries he’s put out as well as the new series he’s working on “American Dope” (@americandopetv). If you never had a chance to hear from the man who’s produced such great documentaries as “Motown Mafia” “Rollin: The Decline of the auto industry and the rise of the drug Economy in Detroit” and our personal favorite, “The Frank Matthews Story” among others, sit back, press play and enjoy.

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