Episode 170 - Chris Freeman (Pansy Division, Attachments)

May 29, 2018, 03:48 AM

How often do you get to thank someone for the kindness they showed you that helped shape your life? Well this week on the show, Damian gets to thank CHRIS FREEMAN FROM PANSY DIVISION for being so rad to his younger self & his friends. They also discuss Chris’ pre-Pansy Division career in Seattle’s Attachments & the bigotry of the music world that made him quit. Then joining Pansy Division & changing punk forever! Kick back, this is a good one! 

Also Discussed:

Pansy Division Sets The Tone In Damian’s Eyes For How A Band Should Treat Fans

Rockstars Becoming Assholes… Probably The Drugs

Moving Back To Seattle From Aberdeen

Devo & The B-52s

Seeing Cheap Trick Opening For Kiss

Aerosmith Starting To Suck… Drugs

Being Too Young To See U2 On Their First Tour

Mr. Bill’s

The Heats & The Cowboys: The Beatles & The Rolling Stones

Iggy Pop Gets Banned For Nearly Killing All Some People

The Pretenders  

Mondo Veda & Red Dress

Going To Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Blackouts Leave Town

Working With Bruce & Jon. Hearing The First SubPop 45s

H-Hour: Pre-Tad


A Marketing Company Tells You, "You Can’t Be Openly Gay"

Getting A Band Together

Music Dies In 86'

Moving To San Francisco 

Joining Pansy Division Based On An Ad

Seeing Redd Cross, Faith No More, Green River etc.

Meeting Lynn From Tribe 8 In & Out Of Work

Pansy Division Started With A Drum Machine


Hearin Kerplunk & Knowing It Will Be Huge

Touring With Green Day


And Much, Much More!!!!