Episode Four - The Minutes of Our Mythology, Part Two: Searching for a Sign

Jun 01, 2018, 04:08 PM

What's up, ufonauts?!

In Minutes of Our Mythology, Part Two, I look at the government's first examination of the UFO phenomenon: Project Sign. Throughout 1948, people from all walks of life reported UFOs to the government. Some were civilians, some were actual pilots and military personnel. They ran the gamut. By the time Project Sign came to an end, it had seen the death of a pilot pursuing a UFO, reports of all sorts of odd lights in the sky, and an extremely close encounter by two Eastern Airlines pilots who claimed to see an enormous cigar-shaped UFO with windows that shot a 50 foot flame out the end of it. Find out all about Project Sign and more on this episode of Our Strange Skies!

Stray Note:

I forgot to mention on the episode, it is believed that Thomas F. Mantell died of hypoxia when he reached past 20,000 feet, because he didn't have oxygen on board the plane.


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