The Rich Man and Lazarus

Jun 03, 07:57 PM

Luke 16:19-31

When you were a child, what were you expecting Heaven to be like? Now that you're older, what are you anticipating about Heaven?

If poverty didn't exist, would people have a problem experiencing God? If there was no service to do, how would people be Godly?

How do the lives of the rich man and Lazarus compare? What kept the rich man from helping Lazarus? (Note that the rich man even knew his name!)

Who are the Lazaruses who are right at our gate but we ignore?

Note that it isn't money that is the problem in this story. It is the refusal to use that money to serve another.

Some important things to learn from this story: there is life after death; how we live this life affects the next; we need to listen to God; we need to share with others; we need to re-evaluate our priorities.