Episode 171 - "Buzz" Osborne & Brian Walsby Part #2

Jun 04, 2018, 04:00 AM

REJOICE! REJOICE! This week on the show we have not one, but TWO Part #2's! Damian sits down with not only the person who's career tells the story of American Alternative music, Brian Walsby, but also, the king himself - the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne! Listen in as the three have a fun backstage chat about music, band life, longevity & one of the cruelest practical jokes ever pulled on one band member by another. 

Also Touched On:

The Way Brian’s Brain Works

Redd Kross Rich Pratt On The Life Is A Great Comp

Steve McDonald: An Awe Inspiring Life

Shout Out To Tony Reitman 

Straight Edge By Default

Uniform Choice As Minor Threat Impression

Not Seeing The Legendary LA Punk Gang Violence

Sensationalism To Sell History

“Let’s Follow Skanker!”: Looking Up To The Older Idiot

“I Was A Goody-Goody"

The Godly Wretched

Maximum Rock & Roll: A Punk Consistency

Scott Radinsky

Playing With The Grim

Mac & Brian Reunited 

Wwax is Buzz’s Fave Brian Band

The Davidians: A Good Band That Just Never Connected

Balancing A Band & Life Is Hard

A Buzz Walks In

How The Melvins Tour

The Melvins Are Weirded Out By Fucked Up

Buzz & Brian Are Optimistic 

Dale Gets Pranked By Buzz & It Is Terrifying! 

Why Do Dale & Buzz Remain Together?

Poison Idea Around The “Feel the Darkness” Era Is One Of The Most Underrated Bands Ever

Alchemy Records Is So Awesome!

“Bad Religion Is A 2nd Or 3rd LA Punk Band”

The SST Store: One Or Two Sales A Day

Saccharin Trust Rules!!!

“I Can’t Handle The Rejection”

Led Zeppelin The Stones, Aretha Franklin & The Melvins

Weird Thoughts On Records…

What Does Buzz Collect?

The Grateful Dead & The Melvins Cult 

Dale & Pinkus Make A Cameo

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!