Eclectica 162 - Pandora's Box (1929) + Black Venus + The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Jun 05, 05:00 PM

The Revenant: The James Brown Cut


It's a bad idea for podcasts, but as the BFI are reminding us with their re-release of GW Pabst's pre-talkie classic "Pandora's Box", it's a good idea for movies. So how will this icon of silent cinema (and the decades-old inspiration for the hairstyles of people going to 1920s-themed costume parties), fare with modern film fans?

Off the Shelf also has another classic from BFI as Aidan jogs along with their reissue of Tony Richardson's "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner", which goes to to toe with Rob's coverage of Abdelletif Kechiche's forgotten film "Black Venus" - which is available from Arrow Academy. 

So it's a show full of archive rediscoveries, but the real comeback has been saved for the end ...

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