Episode #4x22: Happy Pride

Jun 05, 05:10 PM
  • Happy June, Happy Pride!

  • We welcome Dr. Sarah Steelman to the show to discuss her research on same-gender pairings and degrees of “outness.”

  • Sarah informs us on a number of topics, including queer theory, the Matrix of Intelligibility, and the impacts of heteronormativity, politics, and history on LGB persons.

  • In the news: Apple’s iOS 12 aims to decrease notifications stress, SCOTUS rules in favor of an anti-gay baker, Facebook proves yet again why they suck at data privacy, and a US Senator attempts to tour a detention center where unaccompanied immigrant children are being held.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark: 

  • Dr. Steelman talks about her doctoral experience and provides some sage advice for anyone thinking of pursuing a PhD.

  • Samantha Bee and “the c-word.” We dive into whether or not we were ok with the joke, and if we agreed with Sam’s apology to Ivanka Trump. Mixed opinions abound!