Spreading the sickness, Delaware's first sport bet, God Bless something, Yankees beat ESPN, and more...

Jun 06, 2018, 03:07 PM

A sickness may have been spread, as Carton and Friends, Corey and patient zero Michelle, open the show talking about how Delaware's first sports wager was made by Governor John Carney for $10; Carton criticizes the the bet as childish. Speaking of childish politics, Carton points out how Donald Trump forgot the words to God Bless America, and how LeBron doesn't have to go to the White House if he doesn't want to, because the Cavs aren't winning the championship. Carton and Corey argue if yesterday's beef between the President and the Eagles was a win for America and a loss for athletes who think they should be treated differently. Carton and the gang talk about the strength behind the business machine that is the New York Yankees, who took down ESPN in their schedule dispute. Reading the worst obituary ever, Carton and Chris Bones contemplate their own obituaries. 

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