6-6-18- Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault- Hour 1

Jun 06, 2018, 05:43 PM

Matt starts things off with the betting odds in game 3 of the NBA Finals? Who is the favorite? Philly vs The White House who wins? Will LeBron join Boston or Golden State?!? That would be crazy but not that crazy. Will the Cavs win game 3 and is this their only chance to get a win? Do the 76ers need to fire Bryan Colangelo? Will Triple G get his 50-50 split, and will the fight even happen with Canelo? What immaculate list does Max Scherzer join? Tune in throughout the show to find out. The opening line has to do with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Does winning make everything fun? What did Gronk get named after him recently? Gronk = Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Eytan Shander from 97.5 "The Fanatic" in Philly joins the show. Where will LeBron go??!!