6-6-18- Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault- Hour 3

Jun 06, 07:17 PM

The final hour kicks things off by previewing game 3 of the NBA Finals, and throws out some stats. Matt explains whether people need to take the over or under for the game. How much does Matt trust the Cavs? How hurt is William Karlsson (Las Vegas Golden Knights) or is he hurt at all? Why did Karlsson miss practice today? Why did Malcolm Jenkins (Philadelphia Eagles) go "Love Actually" all over the media. Are early morning weigh-ins the reason why UFC fighters are not making weight? How dangerous is to the health of fighters if the UFC gets rid of the early weigh-ins? Michael Pina from VICE Sports joins the show to talk about the Cavs chances to win the series? That turns into discussion about all things concerning LeBron James. Today's show ends with the breaking news about "IHOB"