06/07/2018 Pushing The Odds w/ Matt Perrault Hour 1

Jun 07, 05:08 PM

Matt breaks news of the firing of Bryan Colangelo by the 76ers. Matt introduces the "Hard Four" 1. Warriors vs. Cavs NBA Finals 2. Kevin Durant and LeBron James next move for a ring 3. Caps vs Golden Knights NHL Finals 4 Walk off grand slam by Cubs' Jason Heyward. Matt delves into Warriors' Kevin Durant Finals MVP chances and transitions to Durant's being the difference in Warriors not giving up game with Curry's poor play. He goes into Houston GM's "Obsession" with beating the Warriors. Yahoo Sports' Jordan Schultz joins the show. Matt talks about the likely hood of Colangelo's chances of getting a new job. Matt closes the hour with Terrell Owens' unprecedented absence of his Hall of Fame enshrinement.