Dead Man’s Hand – The Shot in the Back That Killed Wild Bill Hickok

Jun 08, 06:34 PM

Summertime brings a special event for gamblers – the World Series of Poker. In honor of that event, this month’s episode of True Gambling Stories features one the world’s best-known poker tales. It’s the story of how one of the most famous American lawmen of the Old West met his ultimate demise at the card table.

Dead Man's Hand has become synonymous with Wild Bill Hickok, and here's all the card-playing, gun-fighting history. Guests this week include: Jim McManus, author of "Positively Fifth Street" who also has a new story that is part of the new anthology "He Played for his Wife and Other Stories"; Aaron Woodard, author of the new book "The Revenger: The Life and Times of Wild Bill Hickok"; and Louie Lalonde, owner Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, S.D.

Put in those earbuds and enjoy!

(Photo courtesy of the City of Deadwood and Historic Preservation Commission, Copy and Reuse Restrictions Apply)