Lets Start A Movement

Jun 09, 2018, 02:16 PM

The first from our "Sundays Live" series of programs we broadcast live from Elk Run Golf Club in Jeffersonville Indiana. In talking on-air with the club's GM/Head Pro, we begin to encourage all golfers to move up to the Tees that best suit their game, not their age. Jeff Smith also encourages golfers to think this way: if you need more than a 7 iron to get to the green on a typical par 4 (after a decent drive) then you need to play from Tees more forward. The average amateur golfer hits their drive around 220 yards. After all the math is done, if you want to emulate the "Pro" experience on the course, don't play from the Pro Tees but play from the Tee location that makes the course around 5500 yards, give or take.