ReWatchable Episode #267: 'Angel' 5x21 and 5x22 - What You Do Is What Matters

Jun 11, 2018, 05:42 AM

Join ReWatchable for the final recap episode of the Buffy/Angel era, with Angel 5×21, “Power Play,” and 5×22, “Not Fade Away.”

Superfan: Caitlin 

Newbies: Mitch and Brittany

Fun Facts:

Mitch went to a wedding in his apartment’s backyard. Brittany went to a wedding where someone yelled “BINGO” in the middle of her speech. And Caitlin finally saw Hamilton!!

Angel season 5, episode 21, “Power Play”:


-Did we buy that Angel was actually giving up?

-How is the pacing of these episodes?

-Wes’ arc is just so, so sad

-“That’s not a stake”

-Drogyn is back! He sets everyone on high alert and then becomes a sacrifice

-Angel, not Angelus, is accomplishing some dark stuff

-This suicide mission is pushing the pause button on the next apocalypse


-Angel was never going to get a happy ending

-The Wolf, The Ram, The Heart

-“You’re Welcome”

-Spike spoke those words so it’s a thing that happened

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

Angel season 5, episode 22, “Not Fade Away”:


-You know, it was really unclear

-Angel signs away his right to be a real boy tear

-So many great callbacks

-Harmony gets her letter of recommendation

-How would you spend your last day?


-Connor makes us feel things — good things?

-It’s probably important that there is a lack of hope in the pancake group

-Everyone goes off in search of their assignments

-Return to the Dark Alley

-Poor Lorne. Too good for this world

-Are we satisfied?

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

-Thanks for all your support through Buffy and Angel! SO MUCH LOVE!

Brittany’s Brainstorms/Mitch’s Musings:

What happens after they run into battle?!

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