15 • The Invisible People

Jun 12, 2018, 04:29 AM

The Truck Stop Killer.

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Research Credit: Doctor Barak

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The author of this article was a teenage runaway hitchhiking at truck stops during the time when Rhoades was active. She had a scary encounter with a man who she later came to suspect was Rhoades, and she goes to attempt to verify her suspicion. It’s a good read with lots on insights into hitchhiking in the ‘80s


honestly, I cannot attest to the journalistic credentials of truck driver jobs, but they do have a refreshing angle, in that they don’t assume that truck drivers are, in general, a bunch of creepy psychos.


basically, a link to the ID interview


on the 2012 trial


Vanessa Veselka, who wrote the GQ article, got covered in the DM! so you know it’s true


summary of the case on after the 2012 trial

https://healthpsychologyconsultancy.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/making-of-a-monster-robert-ben-rhoades/ An interview with a psychologist who specialized in childhood abuse (who did not interview Rhoades but did review the material) on the events that may have contributed to create this serial killer.


 Behold a timeline of his life events (that are related to his murders) recorded by students at the psychology department at Radford: (I will be checking this against the other sources to ascertain its reliability, since, just to start with, they misspelled ‘Council Bluffs, Iowa’)




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