1:1 with Finn Williams

Jun 12, 2018, 09:22 AM

Our work at The Decorators aims to help create good public spaces; spaces where difference meets and community is built.

This work is not straightforward as it revolves around a complex network of interactions.

1:1 is a series of walking conversations with people who have an active role in shaping public life. We want to find out what drives them, what keeps them going and most importantly what they can teach us.

The second conversation in this series is with Finn Williams, co-founder of Public Practice, a social enterprise that believes the UK’s most talented architects and designers should be working on the mundane buildings of our everyday environment. So Public Practice is sending them into the public sector.

“Here I was able to draw on all kinds of different disciplines of powers and skills that the council had. The answer to every question was not necessarily a building, it could be changing the parking charges in a certain area or working with housing colleagues to look at the maintenance for a public space or rewriting a policy and that got much closer to what I felt was really needed to change a place like Croydon.’ “ Finn Williams on working at Croydon Council