Episode #4x23: A Quarter's The Charm

Jun 12, 04:16 PM
  • Who did it better? IHOP marketing their “name change” to “IHOB,” or Agent Orange marketing his summit with Little Rocket Man? All this in this week’s #Millennial and much more!

  • We call Kate, a Canadian listener who schools us in provincial politics and explains the election of min-Trump, Doug Ford.

  • President Trump tells our allies to suck a dick and leaves the G7 summit early to snuggle up with a murderous dictator instead.

  • The University of Pennsylvania has released a new study that shows social change can be brought around by convincing just 25% of your social circle to support it. Time to take Laura’s advice and be the annoying person at parties asking if people are registered to vote.

  • Hidden from the Headlines: the EPA laughs in the face of accurate, straight-forward, and historically proven science… again.

  • The Confessional: Relationship Edition.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Surprise Bitch! leaves us sad when THREE PEOPLE don’t answer their phones. You’re telling us you have something better to do than waiting to hear from us?!

  • Listener Julia saves the day and answers her phone. We talk LA and asbestos.

  • In somber news, we discuss the recent tragic deaths of designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain. Why is suicide only ever discussed after we lose someone to it?