Brandi Rhodes Checks In

Jun 13, 07:00 AM

Brandi Rhodes sits in the hot seat for the debut show! The talented Woman of Honor walks the guys through her injury and gives a strong take on reality TV. Plus, the ex-WWE announcer reveals she has no patience for pesky housekeepers! Advice: don’t lose anything she owns! Also, she gives her two cents on the on again, off again, on again John Cena - Nikki Bella relationship saga.

Chuck, Scott, and Aaron share how they went from lowly scribes to covering wrestling for mainstream media outlets. Their first interviews are classics. Shout out CM Punk, Kevin Nash, Dan Severn, and Mike Awesome.

And what will ‘All In’ mean for the future of wrestling? Booking shows may never be the same.

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photo: ROH Wrestling / James Musselwhite