Cassie Is About To Get SLAMMED Over Her Wedding

Jun 13, 2018, 12:40 PM

There's a very, very fine line between "Bride" and "Bridezilla" (ok, if we're being honest, it's like no line). Basically, if you're a bride and you have an opinion, you get slapped with that bitchy Bridezilla label.

Well, Cassie - who can be a little particular at times, especially when she has a specific vision - knows the difference between the two. But now, after what she did...she's worried that she's stumbling into full blown Bridezilla territory, but she doesn't know how to rein it in.

Well, Cassie's bringing some scenarios to the table, and professional wedding planner Jordan Flowers from Wedding Belles will tell her how much of a Bridezilla she is.