You Were Gone But You Never Really Left - They Had Mushroom Shaped Heads and White Eyes: The Abduction of David Stephens and the Men in Black Encounter of Herbert Hopkins

Jun 17, 2018, 04:00 AM

What's up, ufonauts?!

On this week's episode, I explore one of the most bizarre abductions stories ever recorded. In October of 1975, David Stephens was abducted from a car by very strange beings with mushroom-shaped heads and large white eyes. This encounter sets off a string of high strangeness that affects everyone involved in the case, including the hypnotist, Herbert Hopkins. Strap in for an episode full of UFOs taking control of cars, poltergeist activity, the men in black, and boat loads of high strangeness.


"A Mind of Their Own: Automobiles Controlled" by UFOs by Micah Hanks

“5 Weird-Looking Aliens Abduct Young Man”

“The Twilight Side of a UFO Encounter” by Brent M. Raynes/”The Maine UFO Encounter: Investigation Under Hypnosis” by Shirley C. Fickett

UFO Dynamics: Psychiatric and Psychic Dimensions of the UFO Syndrome by Berthold E. Schwartz





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