Episode 172 - Matt Jackson (Iron Age, Coptic Times, Bitter End, Jackson's Choppers)

Jun 13, 2018, 03:51 PM

Oh, what wonderful places you will go! This week on the show Damian catches up with his old friend, ex-IRON AGE bassist, Matt Jackson!!! The last time Matt & Damian hung out, they were both Straight Edge gigging together in their band's, but what a difference a few years makes?!?! Matt Jackson has gone on to become one of the most respected motorbike builders in America & a legit biker. Damian… Well, Damian smokes a lot of weed these days. 

Listen in as the two discuss going from throwing footballs on a roof, to playing in one of the wildest hardcore bands of the era & it being pretty tame compared to the rest of your life. 

Also Touched On:

Dave it Up’s knowledge

Growing up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere

Throwing a football on a roof

Finding Sabbath in the record collection

Austin keeps it weird

driving an hour a half to go to the cd store

buying Punk-O-Rama, the nitro comp and the Fat comps

being raised by a cowboy

Mom’s cool student buy you a Pantera shirt

Going to see Green Day and Samiam because mom wants to

Getting into Orange 9mm

A satellite dish and a gateway to punk

Cranberries are hard as fuck 

moving to the city to play football

going edge

Emo’s in all its glory

getting into Judge in a Earth Crisis world

Bitter End and Far From Breaking

Iron Age forms

“It’s Texas”

Going back to school

It all starts with one bike