VERBAL VIOLENCE #108: Mark Stevens

Jun 14, 2018, 02:49 AM

We finally get Mark "The Shark" Stevens on the podcast. We explore the origins of this Boston born comic, and his solid gold heart. Formally know as "Everybody's Favorite Date Rapist", Mark has had some notable moments in his career, and on this episode, we get to relive some of those very funny moments, while getting to know this very loud, misunderstood, kind, and well meant Armenian.


Brian Moses @racebanning

Coach Tea @coach_tea

Pat Barker @patbarkercomedy

Mark Stevens @MarkTheShark927

Featured Battles:

Mark Stevens vs. Madison Sinclair @MaddSinclair

Mark Stevens vs. Lindsey Jennings @LindseyJenningz

Mark Stevens vs. Michael Schirtzer @MicSchirtzer