Howard Schultz for President & What is to be done? @JohnTamny

Jun 14, 2018, 03:07 AM


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Howard Schultz for President & What is to be done? @JohnTamny

Howard Schultz's business achievements are amazing, and that's one of many reasons why he should stay out of politics: he's already given the world more than enough through his commercial genius. After that, businessmen don't make sense as presidents. People get excited about them because they'll allegedly bring their commercial skills to Washington, and fix it. Except they can't. Washington cannot be run like a business. It can't because profit and loss inform none of what happens in politics, and they can't inform what happens. Businessemen are dangerous in the White House precisely because they want to do things. There's the problem. In presuming to fix things without profit and loss, they can cause more damage. The best presidents are the ones who do the least, not those who have visions of change. Schultz wants to "do something," and that's what disqualifies him. The opinion piece can be found here.