Chur Maori Podcast Introduction

Jun 14, 11:46 AM

ChurMaori podcast where we interview maori people in business, share their stories and help inspire our maori people to be their own boss and get ahead in life .

There is a common problem . There are Maori who want to improve their lives. But they have no idea where to start . No one they can reach out to for support and some are losing connection with Maori culture.  

One solution is the Chur Maori community, where Maori people can come and ask for help. 

We will provide some resources from reliable sources. Successful Maori in business will be interviewed. If you are Maori and you wish to pass on some knowledge and valuable information to our Maori people reach out to us and come on the podcast.

If you wish to join the "Chur Maori Book Launch Team" head over to the Chur Maori Website and Join the Movement.