Podcast 06-14-18 (Jeff George, John Beilein, hoops vs. football and in-state recruiting)

Jun 14, 09:19 PM

This week’s show opened with Lorenz and Shaw opining on a couple odds and ends regarding Jeff George Jr., the World Cup and more. Then the duo reflect on John Beilein’s intrigue with the NBA last week, why he turned the opportunity down and what that means for Michigan.

Sticking with basketball, the two then go on to discuss whether Michigan’s football or basketball team will have more success in the 2018-19 season, weighing in on each team’s potential in both the regular season and the postseason with the current pieces they have as well as a brief breakdown on the teams’ schedules.

After that, they break down perception and reality of Michigan football’s seeming lack of in-state talent in 2019, and whether that’s a troubling trend for the Wolverines or not. Steve also offers an update on a five-star top target visiting campus unofficially for the second time in a year.