NBA Draft: The Final Countdown

Jun 14, 10:03 PM

Deuce and Mo continue their draft coverage with Sports Illustrated's NBA draft analyst Jeremy Woo. Jeremy explains the challenges of projecting this year's draft (1:25), if he anticipates a lot of movement and draft day (2:20), why he thinks Luka is the best fit for the Kings (3:20), how he feels Bagley fits into today's NBA (4:45), they discuss the Derrick Williams/Beasley comparisons (6:10), what position Bagley would play in the NBA (7:29), why Michael Porter Jr. was rising in his mock draft (8:20), why Porter Jr. is attractive to teams (9:45), the challenges of analyzing film from his high school days (10:35), why he has Luka Doncic going No. 4 to Memphis (11:35), what position Luka plays in the NBA (12:55), what teams will like about Luka (14:10) and if there's any chance of Ayton dropping (15:05). Deuce and Mo then talking about being nervous and Deuce introduces DDC and HMGs (16:10).