Some Shit Through Jesus

Jun 14, 2018, 11:17 PM

THEME MUSIC: "Your Voice is Your Weapon of Choice, by Kids on Bridges.Used with permission.

This episode is sponsored by Women Who Write Male on Male Romance.

Perks of being a woman, Part the Second.

Stevi visits a church and manages not to have a violent outburst.  A visit with Pac Man Satan, and the true nature of mental illness exposed.

Stevi's transition diary: Stevi Fucks so Good


I'm being interviewed by Trav Mamone on his show Bi Any Means about my experience with drug abuse and 12 step programs. I'll post details on my Facebook page.when it's ready to go.

I've gots me a shiny new email address!! It's I also have a YouTube channel to post comedy skits and song parodies.

And, last but not least, stay away from Kool Aid Man unless you want your kids to turn GAY. Actually, gay kids would be fine for most of my listeners, so tell KAM he can OH YEAH to his juicy heart's content.