Unfinished, incomplete, unsatisfactory, "half-baked" Horowitz Report. 1 of 2: @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO @ThadMcCotter

Jun 16, 2018, 05:22 AM


(Photo Department of the Interior. National Park Service (II). Region VI, National Capital Region.


Visit of Attorney General and Director of FBI. President Kennedy, J.Edgar Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy. White House, Oval Office.

Date 23 février 1961

Lieu actuel 

 [afficher] National Archives and Records Administration Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q518155

John F. Kennedy Library (NLJFK), Columbia Point, Boston, MA, 02125-3398.-)



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Unfinished, incomplete, unsatisfactory, "half-baked" Horowitz Report. 1 of 2:  @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO @ThadMcCotter


Why say do I say the report “may be half-baked”? Why don’t I just come out and declare, “The report is half-baked”? Well, I figure if I write this column in the IG’s elusive style, we’ll have the Rosetta Stone we need to decipher the report.

See, you probably sense that I believe the report is half-baked. But if I say it “may be” half-baked . . . well, technically that means it may not be, too. I mean, who really knows, right?

If that annoys you, try wading through 568 pages of this stuff, particularly on the central issue of the investigators’ anti-Trump bias….