Unfinished, incomplete, unsatisfactory, "half-baked" Horowitz Report. 2 of 2: @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO @ThadMcCotter

Jun 16, 2018, 05:26 AM


(Photo:English: FBI Director James Comey — joined by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates — addresses members of the media during a press briefing held June 13, 2016 at FBI Headquarters regarding the recent mass shooting at nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Additional information: [1]

Date Taken on 13 June 2016, 12:02

Source Director Provides Update on Orlando Shootings Investigation

Author Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) )



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Unfinished, incomplete, unsatisfactory, "half-baked" Horowitz Report. 2 of 2: @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO @ThadMcCotter


Why say do I say the report “may be half-baked”? Why don’t I just come out and declare, “The report is half-baked”? Well, I figure if I write this column in the IG’s elusive style, we’ll have the Rosetta Stone we need to decipher the report.

See, you probably sense that I believe the report is half-baked. But if I say it “may be” half-baked . . . well, technically that means it may not be, too. I mean, who really knows, right?

If that annoys you, try wading through 568 pages of this stuff, particularly on the central issue of the investigators’ anti-Trump bias….