Episode #373: Burned By Goblet

Jun 18, 03:34 PM
  • Slug Club member Karen joins the show

  • Listeners share their Order of the Phoenix release party memories

  • Cursed Child cleans up at the Tony Awards

  • Universal Orlando adds Harry Potter to their nighttime water show

  • Main Discussion: Major Events of the Phoenix

  • Grimmauld Place: Was this truly the safest place for the Order to be headquartered?

  • Do Sirius and the Order underestimate the threats within the Black Family home?

  • Ministry Interference at Hogwarts: What are Umbridge's credentials for becoming DADA professor?

  • Was it always Fudge's intention for Umbridge to become Headmistress?

  • Do the Educational Decrees expose weaknesses in Dumbledore's leadership?

  • The Formation of Dumbledore's Army: we discuss the Hog's Head, the Room of Requirement and the importance of unifying (almost) all of the Houses

  • Welcome to St. Mungo's: why was it cut from the film?

  • Augusta Longbottom, Neville's parents, Lockhart and Harry's connection to Nagini

  • We reminisce on those gum wrapper theories!

  • Patrons share their top 5 moments from Order of the Phoenix

  • Don't worry, we'll spend Episode 374 inside the Department of Mysteries and discussing The Prophecy

  • Quizzitch: Who was the last member of the Dumbledore's Army to sign up in the Hog's Head?

  • Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon) includes memorable lines from the fifth book and Crimes of Grindelwald trailer speculation