Nats win on a technicality, Gerbicide, World Cup racial issues, and more...

Episode 492,   Jun 19, 2018, 02:54 PM

Carton and Friends open the show having issues with the Nationals using Juan Soto in a make-up game from May 15th, a game he should not have played in, because he came up on May 20th. The strength of the American League has Carton thinking the improbable that the Yankees could possibly miss the playoffs altogether. Carton brings up a conspiracy theory that Bryce Harper showed up to the Yankees-Nationals game clean-shaven, giving the Yankees a signal that he's ready to head to the Bronx. Talking about Michelle's gerbils having babies, the gang questions what do with the gerbil babies. Carton talks about the racial issues brought up in the World Cup, after the coach of South Korea had his team change jersey numbers during practice to throw off the Swedish scout team. The Bryce harper conspiracy has Carton talking about celebrity death conspiracies, thinking Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Tupac are all still alive.

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