It's The Little Things

Jun 26, 07:00 AM

Have you ever heard the saying: " It’s the little things that count "?

It’s one of my favourite sayings and something that I refer back to so many times in my conversations with people. I have always been a believer in noticing the ‘small’ things and loving those little things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

There are so many sayings that have been based around this. It’s even been abbreviated to – ‘it’s the little things’.

These sayings exist because it is SO TRUE! It IS the little things. It IS those small things that add up to become something incredibly wonderful. There are so many mistakes that I see people make when they first begin their search for happiness and I guess it’s first and foremost because I made all of those mistakes too. But one of the biggest ones is that people feel that in order to be happy, that means that they have to be outrageously happy ALL of the time. Another mistake I see is that when searching for happiness, people often seek BIG events. People work towards achieving BIG goals or major happenings because they believe that these ‘big’ things are what will make them happy.

In this episode I talk about my journey of happiness and how you can heal your relationship with the word 'happy' so that you can embrace every 'little' moment of wonder in your life.