r/history (kindof) but mostly just Japanese Internment Camps, and Stalk Market Volume 1

Jun 22, 2018, 06:44 PM

Listen. Sometimes, the internet just can't stop talking about politics,  and this is one of those weeks. Since we are technically a podcast about the Internet, we thought it was important that we took the time to recognize the elephant in the room, or rather the infant elephant in the border cage. However, instead of just going straight into the belly of the beast, we've decided to discuss an analogous part of American history and dig into Japanese Internment camps by way of a few posts from both r/history, and r/aznidentity. Little did we know, but according to a very informative breakdown by u/olddivorcecase, Japanese Internment was largely driven by the agriculture sector. Also, u/dogboobes has new stalkers, and u/itsyerdad is covered in pellet wounds. This episode brought to you by free range eggs.