Trump economy soaring: "Make the tax cuts permanent" & "increase skill based immigration" @StephenMoore @Heritage

Jun 23, 04:21 AM


(Photo:English: Photograph of work crews building the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad, South Pasadena, ca.1885. Dozens of men labor at the site, including a group about to lay a rail at left. A wooden building bears the sign "C. Ehrenfeld, architect & builder".

Date circa 1885 )

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With the Trump economy soaring: "Make the tax cuts permanent" & "increase skill-based immigration." @StephenMoore @Heritage 

1) make the tax cuts permanent.

2) require work for all welfare programs. (Any able-bodied person can find a job today in 48 hours.)

3) Allow firms and worker to opt out of ObamaCare to lower health costs and raise wages.

4) Don't raise the minimum wage.

5) Stop subsidizing fat and happy universities and instead direct dollars to voactional training, apprenticeship programs, etc. that can get our young people ready for work.

6) Increase skill-based immigration. ‎