BWB LLP and Kin & Co. - Disrupting Purpose with Becci Gould and Martin Bunch

Jun 25, 2018, 10:29 AM

Law firms are often making sure they are seen to be doing good, but how many of them really are? Martin Bunch, Managing Partner at BWB LLP law firm, and Becci Gould Senior Account Director at Kin & Co meet with Tom and Steph to discuss more. BWB and Kin & Co. have been working together for a while now on building a purpose piece at BWB LLP. We talk about what they have done to get it from concept to daily routine, bringing fun into the serious elements of what they do, and we discuss ideas on how to progress it. We even touch on the hidden realities behind charity pro-bono work. Martin and Becci’s insight is so valuable, and a truly insightful look at how to bring purpose into work.