Eclectica 165 - This is Spinal Tap + The Crimson Kimono + Underworld U.S.A + Scandal Sheet

Jun 26, 2018, 12:54 PM

Killed By W.A.S.P.

For a Fuller podcast experience, join Ryan, Graham, and Aidan for Cinema Eclectica's Sam Fuller special, where the second half of the show is a deep dive into Indicator's new box set devoted to the great San Franciscan's work. Ryan immediately clicks (buddy-cop style), with "The Crimson Kimono", Aidan takes a trip to "Underworld USA", and Graham holds the presses for "Scandal Sheet". If you're as dedicated to the two-fisted tabloid noir auteur as we are, then this is a must-listen show!

Before all of that though, there's this little thing we do sometimes called Director's Lottery, which on this occasion offers us too much flippin' perspective on Rob Reiner's legendary debut mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap". Considering its cult following, its relationship with real rock history and (we're sorry in advance), some sing-alongs, this is the ultimate exploration of the fine line between stupid and clever.

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Until next time when we will bring you Sicario Soldado, be excellent to each other.

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