"Immigration is beautiful." @JohnTamny

Jun 27, 02:48 AM


(Photo:"From the Old to the New World" shows German emigrants boarding a steamer in Hamburg and arriving in New York. Harper's Weekly, (New York) November 7, 1874 )



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"Immigration is beautiful." @JohnTamny

I think immigration is beautiful. It's pure evidence of America's genius, plus the arrival of the world's tired and hungry loudly mocks the thumbsuckers on the left who bemoan wealth inequality from faculty lounges built by the unequal. Those who are actually poor view the most unequal country on earth as the place where they'll cure their poverty. That they do should serve as a wake-up call to immigration restrictionists on the right. It's happening no matter walls built, or federal officials armed. It's human nature for parents to do anything to provide for their kids. All laws against immigration do is criminalize human nature, while forcing parents to bring to bring grandma, mom, the kids, and everyone else across. If work were legalized, they wouldn't need to bring the whole family. And tragic scenes of separated families would not exist. The opinion piece can be found here.