PROSPECT 57 | Trailer

Jun 28, 2018, 12:31 PM

In anticipation of the Pride Parade, James and his friends marvel at the colourful atmosphere and enjoy of one Dublin’s biggest parties. After a sun-soaked day amongst queens, flags and celebrations the night sets in and the party continues. Early on the morning of July 1st, James, a gay bartender, is found viciously bruised and beaten. The world sees the attack as a hate crime; but Nic, a wannabe journalist and friend of James knows better. Nic sets out to discover all she can about her work place and the colleagues she once trusted. Step into Prospect 57; a bar like any other in Dublin with a dark, disturbing underbelly that wishes to keep its secrets hidden. 

Written and Directed by Brid Ni Chomain and Ella Maria Carmen

Produced, mixed and edited by Taz Kelleher 


Nic - played by Ella Maria Carmen. 

Gary Tyrell - played by Conor Miley

Ellen Tyrell - played by Fiona Coughlan. 

Monica - played by Brid Ni Chomain 

James -  played by Adam O’Brien. 

Aaron - played by Conn Cowman. 

Jess and Niamh -  played by Clodagh Phelan and Caitriona Williams.

Vanya - played by Conn Cowman.