The GOP can fill SCOTUS without 60 votes thanks to Harry Reid. @DavidMDrucker @MaryKissel

Jun 30, 12:01 AM


(Photo: The Hughes Court, 1932–1937. Front row: Justices Brandeis and Van Devanter, Chief Justice Hughes, and Justices McReynolds and Sutherland. Back row: Justices Roberts, Butler, Stone, and Cardozo.)

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The GOP can fill SCOTUS without 60 votes thanks to Harry Reid. @DavidMDrucker @MaryKissel

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for swift confirmation of a successor to retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, sparking cries of hypocrisy from Democrats.

Liberals are demanding the Kentucky Republican apply the same standard to the first high court vacancy to occur under President Trump that he enforced in the last year of former President Barack Obama’s tenure. When Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016, McConnell quickly declared that the Senate would not consider, let alone confirm, any Obama nominee — that the pick should belong to the next president.

Democrats claim the standard McConnell set was that election-year vacancies should not be filled before Election Day. But as McConnell discussed in an expansive interview with “Behind Closed Doors,” a Washington Examiner podcast, he was referring to presidential, not midterm, elections when he decided, without consulting other Republicans, to block Obama from appointing a third Supreme Court justice...