Bolton goes politely to Putin, and Mattis goes politely to Xi -- With plans. @SebGorka

Jun 30, 05:15 AM


(Photo:"The Kingdome of China", one of the first English-language maps of China. Note generally correct outline of the Ming China, with many provinces labeled (Cantam/Guangdong, Quancii/Guangxi, Chequiam/Zhejiang, Quicheu/Guizhou, Fuquam/en:Huguang/Huguang, Honao/Henan, Xanton/Shandong, Xiamxii and Sancii (Shanxi and Shaanxi?). "Xuntien alias Quinzay" more or less corresponds to Beijing (the name Shuntian Prefecture was indeed in use). However, north of China proper, John Speed had also placed "Cathaya, the Chief Kingdome of Great Cam", with the capital Cambalu (Khanbaliq - i.e., in fact, the same Beijing). This kind of duplication was common on the maps of the period, as geographers had not apparently yet fully identified Marco Polo's Cathay with the China then known to Europeans, and Cambalu with Beijing. )

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Bolton goes politely to Putin, and Mattis goes politely to Xi -- With plans. @SebGorka

Beijing (CNN)China will not give up "any inch of territory" in the Pacific Ocean, President Xi Jinping told US Defense Secretary James Mattis Wednesday during a visit to Beijing.

"Our stance is steadfast and clear-cut when it comes to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Xi said, according to state media, adding that "any inch of territory passed down from ancestors can not be lost while we want nothing from others."

Mattis' meeting with Xi inside the Great Hall of the People comes as relations between Washington and Beijing have been marred recently by rising tensions -- not only by an impending trade war but also by both militaries viewing each other with increasing suspicion and alarm.