The Challenge: Final Reckoning Picks, Cast Preview, Fantasy Game

Jul 01, 11:00 AM

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Fantasy Challenge Rules/Scoring:

Pat Mayo and Rob McIntyre preview this season of MTV The Challenge: Final Reckoning, breaking down each member of the cast along with their teammates, along with their picks to win.

They explain the rules of Fantasy Challenge, the scoring system, and how to play. Plus, the guys chat about the best season, game formats and their all time Challenge competitors. 

Show Index 

Challenge Fantasy Rules 1:41

Bananas & Tony 3:44

Cara Maria & Marie 9:01

Kyle & Brad 14:01

CT & Veronica 19:58

Zach & Amanda 23:53

Jenna & Jemmye 26:14

Angela & Faith 31:04

Britni & Chuck 32:01

Da’Vonne & Jozea 36:40

Tori & Derrick 37:41

Joss & Sylvia 38:35

Kailah & Kayleigh 42:53

Kam & Melissa 44:01

Natalie & Paulie 45:30

Nelson & Shane 49:11

NOTE: Pick a maximum of Six Players for your Fantasy Challenge Team within the $100 Salary Cap. The player you select first will be designation “Team Captain” and will get a 10% bonus on their points each week. Enter your team before the season premiere on July 10th, 2018 and you’re officially in. You only pick your team once, so once the first episode starts, it is locked for the season. 

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