r/whitepeopletwitter, Unpacking Permit Patty, La Croix, San Fran's Povery line, and Childish Gambino's Possible Thievery

Jul 02, 2018, 06:41 PM

According to the Internet, the Bay Area has an a less-than-elite strike force of middle-aged white woman enforcing laws that don't really need enforced. First, it was BBQ Becky with her totalitarian grip on lakeshore grill doctrine. Now, we have Permit Patty, and her particularly firm interpretation of sidewalk vendor regulation. While both instances were racially charged, they were also cartoonish  examples of peak whiteness at work. So, with this episode, we are taking a look at r/whitepeopletwitter, and the hilarious nuances of the less aggressive aspects of white culture, if there even is such a thing. Plus, we discuss Childish Gambino's plagiarism controversy, and pervy camera men during the world cup. This episode brought to you by the San Francisco real estate owner's bureau.