Eclectica 166 - Sicario: Soldado + Space Truckers + Xtro

Jul 03, 2018, 05:02 PM

You Have the Right to Remain Embalmed?

This week Graham embarks on a rogue operation to spy on "Sicario 2: Soldado", a mission that has been necessitated by defence cuts and CDC alerts (basically some of us were too ill or too broke to see it). After this clandestine outing Rob and Tim interrogate Graham to find out if the film lives up to its predecessor.

We'll let you decide which one is the good cop.

Meanwhile, Off the Shelf goes sniffing around the margins of late 20th Century science fiction with two titles from Second Sight. Rob takes on the first film - which sees The Re-Animator's Stuart Gordon go big-budget with "Space Truckers". After that it's time for Tim to get a good close-up of Harry Bromley-Davenport's cult sci-fi horror "Xtro".

Come for the movies, stay for the disturbingly intimate discussions of robot mating cycles and alien egg sacs.

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