4-Panel 146 - Wotakoi // Moon Knight // Vinland Saga // ...

Season 1, Episode 146,   Jul 09, 2018, 01:26 PM

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After a week off it's time for the phoenix-like return of Andrew and Producer Rob as 4-Panel rides again! 

So, after a collective and half-hearted "Yeehaa" our the dastardly dashing dynamic duo dissect Kevin Feige's news dump during the Ant-Man press tour before they find out what the DC universe has in store for everyone going forward. We also have the worst news ever (again), but this time it's in relation to bloodsucking Eurotrash and man who doesn't glitter attractively in the daytime, Morbius the Living Vampire - who is going to get a movie starring ***** **** in the lead role. 

It's just the worst news … 

That said, we do have a treat for everyone as our featured comics and manga this week are Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Volume 2, Moon Knight Vol. 1: Crazy Runs in the Family, David B's A Tale of a Thousand and One Nights:  Hasib & The Queen of Serpents, and the tenth volume of 's epic viking series Vinland Saga. 

Ah Vinland Saga. One of our constants … 

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