Episode #375: 13 Years Later

Jul 09, 03:49 PM
  • Cursed Child is coming to two new cities... San Francisco (2019) and Hamburg, Germany (2020). Could a Midwest location be next?

  • Chamber of Secrets turns 20 years old!

  • We begin our Half-Blood Prince discussion looking back at some popular fan theories

  • Patrons share their midnight release party memories!

  • We discuss how parts of Half-Blood Prince were originally written for Chamber of Secrets and that it was Book 2’s working title

  • The hosts revisit some of MuggleCast’s theories following the release of the sixth book

  • Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Harry? Voldemort? Felix Felicis?

  • We dive deep into The Underground Lake, one of MuggleNet’s notorious series of editorials

  • What did Dumbledore mean by Remember My Last, Petunia?

  • Who will take over the DADA vacancy?

  • Why does Dumbledore trust Snape?

  • Voicemails cover a Deathly Hallows symbol in Goblet of Fire, deluminators, Cho Chang and more!

  • Quizzitch: What two Order members does Harry bump into (in order) in the HBP chapter, "Silver and Opals"?