What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Jul 10, 2018, 05:24 PM

Everything in life is bio-individual. 

It’s probably one of my ‘most used’ words in my vocabulary and I’m pretty sure I say it at least once every single day. What I mean when I say bio-individual is that everyone is totally unique from their personality, to their physical appearance, to their chemical structure of their DNA and cells. No two people are exactly alike – so how can we expect their experiences of this earth to be similar?

Happiness is no exception – happiness is bio-individual too.

Happiness is a goal that so many of us aim for. I’ve talked about happiness before and how it’s not necessarily a goal to aspire for, but a journey to embrace and enjoy. Even changing your mind-set and your thinking on this topic however, is not enough. You have to know what happiness means to you!