#FunkNFantasy Night At The Oscar's With Jose

Jul 11, 2018, 05:58 AM

The World Cup has brought us some of the greatest acting we've ever seen. The players flopping is on par with some of the greatest actors in history. So, on tonight's show we recited lines from Academy Award winning movies! but.... here's the kicker (get it? kicker?...) The famous Jose From Norristown was here live and he played the lead role in all the movies. Jose did not dissapoint one bit folks and he gave any leading man a run for their money. Then we inserted helium and things got a little weird. This was one for the books ladies and gentleman. Also, back from vacation and live in the flesh, the legend himself, Tony Bruno was hanging out and doing the show along side his young pupil Luigi. Miss Robin was helping with some of the leading lady rolls as she added a professional actresse's touch. Joe Corrado was in the house and Dr. Catfish Charlie was there with his tuesday ten as well. It was rowdy crowd at Moonshine this week and you'll hear it for yourself.

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