S02 E24: Ishmeet Nagpal

Jul 12, 2018, 12:30 AM

On Keeping it Queer this week, Navin talks to gender rights activist, writer and poet Ishmeet Nagpal. She is also the Co-Founder, SXonomics and works with Save the Children, India.

She opens about:

Her journey with fighting for women's rights and her experiences of being stalked and harassed in Harayana.

How incels are coming in the way of women's freedom and rights.

How society pressurizes women, irrespective of the different stages in life.

The real reasons behind acid attacks.

Ishmeet tweets at @IshmeetNagpal

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On the Culture Vulture segment, Farhad and Navin couldn't help but bring up the aunty who says, "Hi friends, chai pilo!" What a rage! The two of them also discuss lesbian-centric pop-culture and lots more!

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