Embracing tradition and technology the Wimbledon way with Alexandra Willis, Head of Comms, Digital & Content

Jul 12, 11:00 AM

Wimbledon is rightly heralded as one of the leading sports events in the world, not just because of what happens on the court but also by their ability to remain true to their values and history whilst having innovation and technology at their core. 

And at the centre of this drive has been Alex Willis. I first spoke to Alex in around 2013 and she presented about the tournament at my first Digital Sport London event that year. 

Since then we've spoken regularly about what is coming up that particular year. But this year I had the opportunity to visit during play and speak to her whilst it was all going on. My first ever visit to Wimbledon!

Alex also has the honour of being the first returning guest on the podcast. She was first on in November 2016, an early guest, and you can more about her personal journey in it - http://bit.ly/2JfmBmZ